Rotary International Encourages Club FLEXIBILITY
Some would claim that Rotary, with its elaborate Rotary International structure, has been a tradition-bound organization with ‘rules’ – dignified, worthy, rules to be sure, but ’rules’. Today, one needs tradition, but one also needs flexibility. Earlier in 2016, Rotary International leadership altered, reduced those rules, particularly encouraging Clubs to amend bylaws to make meeting schedules, and what constitutes a meeting (traditional ‘sit-down’ meals or service projects or ?) flexible. The Calendar on this Web Site now includes a schedule of meetings, service and other projects for much of 2016 / 17, that follow this new plan. Grand Island Rotary intends to remain the premier service club in its community by adopting this FLEXIBILITY.  Perhaps some items on this calendar may change, Club Members: examine the plans, help make flexibility an asset, not chaos!
Flexibility can extend to additional membership categories, such as: associate, corporate, family, memberships. But hey, Grand Island Rotary needs time to get flexible meeting arrangements set, give us time to get to flexible membership!