Posted by Henry G. Kammerer on Jun 22, 2017
An old setting – a new restaurant – a new year for GI Rotary. Excellent way to celebrate a year finished, a new year starting, as Dan Flaim ‘retires’ and Mike Heigel assumes President of Grand Island Rotary. Marcy Casino on Delaware Lake looks peaceful in an archive shot, it was hopping on June 21st as The Terrace restaurant attracted GI Rotarians and numerous patrons. PDG Dick Earne installed Mike Heigel as President to replace Dan Flaim, Kerri Nowak was installed as President for 2018 / 19. Of special note, Dan Flaim received a Paul Harris Award, as Past District Governor Pravin Suchak described the way it signifies donations that have been made to the Rotary Foundation, a fund that has led the way for world-wide efforts for clean water, fighting disease, poverty and coming close to FOREVER ELIMINATING POLIO!