Grand Island Rotary enlarged their ‘Regular’ April Dinner meeting (by Zoom video) to include a talk by G I Town Supervisor, John Whitney – his view of what lies ahead for the Town.  Supv. Whitney first assured all that vital Town services – water, sewer, hiway, continue in a careful manner. Visit the Town web site,, or the Town Facebook page, where he, and Executive Asst. Rhonda Diehl, (she also 'sat in' on the meeting) post up-to-date info and have Email addresses for receiving comments. Supv. Whitney confirmed that Fantasy Island is truly gone, he is insisting on a positive plan from property owner to avoid vandalism, squatters or mischief on the site.  On Project Olive (Amazon?) he emphasized the developer has provided $’s for Town to hire its own consultants to review plans. Of course there are traffic and bridge aspects, plus others (John got comments during Q & A after his talk). He expects, we expect, exciting times as Covid-19 recedes; he promised full hearings on ‘Olive’, plus further solar, apartment and senior housing projects that are before the Town and its residents. A great chance for Rotarians, several guests, to stay aware of Town issues, even as we all maintain isolation and distancing. Similar Rotary ‘distancing’ meetings are expected in May.