Great ‘breakfast time’ meeting last week as we heard an interesting talk, full of details and photos, from our newest Member: Lt. Bassey Archibong, Corps Officer/Pastor of Tonawanda Salvation Army. Bassey, and his wife (also Lt.) Ginikachakwu, are natives of Lagos, Nigeria – which he reminded us is really a ‘New York City’ there in Nigeria: over 20 million population, acres of high rises, long bridges, extensive waterfront. Bassey completed education there as a computer graphic artist, plus music training before coming to the US with one child three years ago, and now with a second, a son. They both finished Salvation Army training last year downstate in Suffern, before taking the post here in Tonawanda. After describing some of his life & family, plus his music and Salvation Army career, he summed up the Salvation Army with their Mission:
To Feed / To Clothe / To Comfort / To Care
A moving presentation by Bassey, excellent showing for the Salvation Army. Here is a photo of their family; your web author appreciates it – one of the best photos he has of his late wife with family, also includes young granddaughter being ‘funny’. Just wait twenty years till Bassey shows that photo around in her presence!