Scientific American magazine in their ‘100 years ago’ column this month, gives a reminder of the SCOURGE OF POLIO then; now it’s ancient history, forgotten, in Western World. However it still disables and destroys hope in such places as Afghanistan, Pakistan and Nigeria. Rotary International, with we 23 Grand Islanders, plus 1.2 million more service-minded men and women, has committed $70 million to lead the fight to finally ELIMINATE POLIO world-wide.
There is a precedent: Smallpox, another disease absolutely dependent on human carriers, was wiped out 25 years ago. Rotary, with WHO (World Health Org.) and Bill Gates Foundation believe we can truly make the world Polio Free in a few years. Dollars, of course, we do need to donate to fund the effort; but Rotarians on the ground in outlying, sometimes dangerous, areas, administering polio vaccine drops; then going back in two years - giving drops again to make sure. Succeeding generations may forget Polio, we hope they will not forget Rotary and its role: Serving Humanity.