A fine showing for G I Rotary at the town-wide event on Aug. 3. Our booth, nicely planned by Dave Garcia, and President Sherry, and with tent plus tables from Jerry Barlow, attracted many kids for the games and prizes. As Chair Dave Garcia said in the wrap-up of the event: “Some ask, what is Rotary? Community events are a great opportunity to raise the profile of our local Club.” This was a good chance to introduce the Rotary name and activities to all Town residents at this event on the Town Commons, sponsored by the Town’s Traffic Safety Advisory Board.
A further Pleasure at the Town's 'Night Out' Evening!
You remember the distress we all felt on dismantling of the 1980's Gazebo, Grand Island Rotary donated to the Town (our $'s and design by Rotarian Frank Vacanti - built by Ken-Ton BOCES). Have you seen the new Town-built Gazebo, enlarging and modernizing, but retaining the basic design of 'our' old one. It was a fitting backdrop to the musicians of the Erie County Wind Ensemble who performed during the Night Out festivities. Our original dedication plaque is still prominent.