Posted by Henry G. Kammerer on Sep 26, 2018
Rotary Action: Fund Raising and So Much More
For 30 years, 1988 – 2018, Rotary Clubs like Grand Island have worked under Rotary International and governments, foundations to ERADICATE POLIO. Polio, long gone from North America, still produced millions of disabled folks a year, 30 years ago. Money ($700 Million from Rotary just since 2010) and Rotary volunteers helped the dramatic reduction such that now less than 20 wild Polio cases per year, and in only 3 countries. As the Eradicate Polio goal nears, here is an example of Actions Rotarians around the world take beyond ‘just’ raising $’s. Improving organization and record keeping, key to successful Polio vaccination and other health care improvement, Pakistan Rotarians are giving cell phones to local health workers so that vaccination teams can be sent rapidly to critical areas and results logged in, called back promptly. Rotary efforts include thoughtful Action, in addition to their massive money raising.