Posted by Henry G. Kammerer on Feb 23, 2018
Great article on Rotary’s role in ERADICATING POLIO from the world in the Toronto Sun of Feb. 16, 2018. Here’s the highlights: In 1979 there were still 400,000 cases in world. Public health groups had cleared the developed world – BUT! Rotary International stepped up, started 3rd World vaccinations with help from Bill Gates Foundation so that by 2017 ONLY 22 cases in entire world, even Nigeria almost clear. Only Afghanistan & Pakistan are left – Rotary volunteers are now surveying bus stops and border stations to vaccinate every youth among travelers and refugees in those countries. An example – Ramish Ferris, polio in Pakistan 40 years ago, now a Canadian citizen and Rotarian, shown back in Pakistan giving vaccination drops to child in a camp in Pakistan. Rotarians can change the World!
Search on ‘Toronto Star polio article’ to see details.