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Volume 3 | Issue 8  (4/11/2021)

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Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians & Friends

April Morning Mtg
Parkway Cleanup
April Evening Mtg
May Morning Meeting
May Evening Meeting
Apr 14, 7:15 AM, Zoom
Apr 24, 8 AM
Apr 28, 7:15 PM, Zoom
May 12, 7:15 AM, Zoom
May 26, 7 PM, Hybrid?
June 12, 10 AM - Noon
Zoom, Sherry sends code
Kaegebein Parking Lot
Zoom, Sherry sends code
Zoom, Sherry sends code
Launch Club? Hybrid?
Key Bank end, Tops Plaza
Surprising History of Grand Islanders
at April Morning Mtg
Most of us assume Grand Island must have been a pretty deserted place before the Bridges in the 1930's - BUT - how about dozens of Islanders going to war to preserve the Union in the Civil War! As part of the lead up to the DeGlopper Memorial Dedication on June 5th, let's hear from Mary Cooke, Past Town Supervisor, but more importantly, an active researcher into the Town history. Yes, to enlarge our understanding of Grand Island service over the years, please be ready when President Sherry sends you a browser code Monday or Tuesday for the Wed, April 14, 7:15 AM Zoom meeting of G I Rotary.

Enough Vaccinated for Dinner or Hybrid on May 26?

We are considering having a dinner meeting, May 26 at the Launch Club, hopefully with a 'Zoom' tie-in to allow those still unvaccinated, or unsure about in person events, to join us. What do you think? Use the link to tell Sherry your thoughts and about helping set up a hybrid meeting connection:

Are you anxious, ready, for an in-person dinner meeting?

Are you tech-savy, could you help with setting up HYBRID event?

Beaver Parkway Cleanup, Sat. April 24, 8 AM
Part of a Town-Wide and Rotary District 7090
Celebration of 2021 Earth Day
Our traditional Parkway Cleanup (aka Adopt-a-Hiway) this Spring is combined with a Town-wide effort and with Rotary District 7090 joining a Great Lakes Watershed Clean-Up. On April 24, while we clear the trash from the bike path (and ditches) along the Parkway, other groups will work along the East and West River roads and shoreline. We have several Interact High School students, several UB Rotaract students and community members - please join us, bring your picker-upper grabbers - and please bring the hand held luggage scale you haven't used for over a year of no travel. We need to judge the total weight of trash picked up, to help show the value of our clean-up service. We meet in the Kaegebein school front parking lot, 8 AM, Saturday April 24th.

Again This Year: SHRED-IT Saturday, June 12

Another great session of both Community Service and Fund Raising (thanks to Christine Learman, CPA, sponsorship). We do need someone to take the lead for setting up ads, road signs, set-up at the Tops / Key Bank plaza. Chris Learman has arranged the shredding truck details, we need others handle our side of the project. And then - get your own tax & bank records ready for shredding, but especially talk up the idea to your neighbors and business associates.

Relive the D7090 Conference You May Have Missed!

Sometimes we in Grand Island Rotary don't catch all the value, pleasure and information, swirling thru the greater scope of Rotary beyond us. If you missed some (or all) of the virtual District 7090 Conference last month, you really should go to the District web site and look at D7090 Conference videos available along the top of the web site - the 3/15 talk on Beer: The Greatest Invention of All Time, from 3/16 the RI President for 2022, Jennifer Jones' talk, youth and project talks from 3/18 & 20.

What Are Our Members Doing?

Baseball in Shirt & Tie (but no helmet) ? ? ?

Did you already know that Mike Billoni, Member & Club Secretary, had a career with the Bisons baseball club? Yes, you did know that his career revolved around  spreadsheets, computers, pens & phones - as General Manager. Now he has taken next step up - AUTHOR, of the book The Seasons of Buffalo Baseball 1857 - 2020. Try to catch him as he cruises around an extensive BOOK TOUR (already as far as Akron (that's NY not OH). Seriously tho, he has a great compilation of the L O N G Buffalo history with America's Pastime, talk to him a bout it. Go onto or Amazon to buy a copy and relive some of Buffalo sports high (and low) scenes.
Successful Wrap-Up of Undie Sunday Last Month
Never got to tell all of you about the very successful collection of underwear, socks, etc, for homeless and disadvantaged. You could read about it inner web site, here is a summary: Completed with a sorting session at Thruway Welcome Center on Alvin Rd on March 8th, the Rotary Club's the annual "Undie Sunday" Socks and Underwear collection.  Seven (7) large garbage bags each were delivered to St Luke’s Mission of Mercy in Buffalo and to Community Mission in Niagara Falls.  In addition, two collections went by churches affiliated with Niagara Mission and Buffalo City Mission.  The High School Interact club, which continues to meet virtually, contributed as well to the project with Socks and Underwear. In the 21st year, Fifteen host locations across Grand Island signed up to place the iconic Red Hampers out for the collection from February 22nd to March 7th.  The event now goes for two weeks to allow faith communities at least 2 weekly Worship services to get the word out.  Thank you to our Host locations. 

 Please Think about Grand Island Rotary: 2021/22

After much soul searching, and considering the great things Grand Island Rotary does, Sherry Miller has agreed to take a Second Year as our President (2021/22) PROVIDED the rest of us step up to the challenge of handling our share. We all can do it, it takes effort, but is worth it. In a small club like G I Rotary, we must all examine our thoughts and commitment to Rotary.  Think about your role in our Club: how can you as a Club Member ensure a successful year?  We are seeking anyone who would like to join the board as a Director. And there is much to do in planning a successful 2021 / 22 year, talk to Sherry about your role it it.
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2020 - 21
President - Sherry Miller
Past President - Dick Earne
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary - Mike Billoni
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Bulletin Editor, Executive Sect. - Hank Kammerer
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