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Volume 2 | Issue 6  (6/6/2020)

GI Rotary Bulletin  
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Morning Meeting by Zoom,
Wed, June 10, 7:15 AM
Listen as Mary Stang-Cooke describes the activities of the Grand Island Historical Society. And then listen some more to make sure you are aware of our Service activities in June -
Parkway CleanUp starting at Kaegebein School, Saturday, June 13 8 AM, Shred-It Key Bank Parking Lot, Saturday, June 27, 10 AM
But don't just listen - ask questions and volunteer with your suggestions of other activities for the near future: our start in the 2020/21 Rotary year.

What has been Happening During Two Months of Covid Lockdown?



You heard that we got a modest Grant from the District 7090 for a Covid-19 fighting project. Yes, with $1000 of District $ and some of our own, we outfitted the Salvation Army Tonawanda Corps, with tents and chairs to make their 'Drive-Thru' food distribution weather-proof. We followed that up with several Members (see their masked mug shots above) helping Major Celestin with sorting and filling of bags and boxes with food for the 100's of cars that have been lining up several times a week for food.

There is a continuing need for that help at the Salvation Army Tonawanda Corps, 46 Broad St. Tonawanda. Wearing a mask, and gloves, you would separate food into family size portions, fill bags for families or help load cars, all maintaining proper distancing. Please consider helping, particularly Monday, Thursday mornings, but you must call Major Celestin 866-9418 to set up your schedule.

Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians 
As Summer Approaches!
June Morning Meeting
Beaver Isle Pkwy Cleanup
Meeting,Scholars,New Pres.
Wed. June 10, 7:15 AM
Sat. June 13, 8 AM 
Wed. June 24, 7:00 PM
Sat. June 27, 10 AM - 12
By Zoom,Sherry sends code
Kaegebein Front Parking Lot
By Zoom,Sherry sends code
Key Bank Parking Lot
New Date for Beaver Pkwy Clean-Up
Now that heavy rain has let up, the grass along the sides is being mowed, we will pick up trash from the Beaver Isle Pkwy, on Saturday, June 13. Be at the Kaegebein front parking lot, 8 AM, with face mask, gloves, perhaps a 'picker-upper'; we will give you bags and location to work. Other groups and individuals are working other parts of the Town that day, let's really help make Grand Island Grand!

Have You Paid Your Dues?

Time is running out, you must pay your $200 dues for 2020/21 year by June 15 so that our Membership list can be updated with Rotary International by June 30. If you have any questions or concerns about the dues process, please - immediately call Incoming President Sherry Miller, (716) 417-4937.  Grand Island Rotary is poised for more great things in 2020/21, make sure you are part of it!

Sign Up to Help with Meetings - Be on a POD!

We started, this year, having you join a POD so that you could help with simple (some not-so-simple) things in running a meeting: leading Pledge of Allegiance, introducing or thanking speaker, finding programs, etc. On May 30, Incoming Pres. Sherry Miller sent you an Email: Rotary POD Sign ups asking you to go on Sign Up Genius thru that Email and agree to be on one of the 3 Month POD groups. Please go, thru that Email to the Sign Up page and pick a 3 month period that works best for you.
Shred-It is coming, June 27
We have the annual Shred-It on Saturday, June 27, 10 AM till Noon near the Key Bank office in 'Tops Plaza.' It's sure to be busy, folks have already been texting for info, signs are out around the Town. We really need you to help with receiving boxes of papers from folk's cars (and help taking their $10 per box!). We will wear masks, keep our distances, please tell Chair Chris Learman you can help that Saturday. Also remember that Christine A Learman CPA, PA, is sponsoring this event. You don't need to buy her a drink the next time you see her, a simple 'Thank You' would do!

End our Rotary Year with a

Grand Zoom Meeting Wed. June 24

In the 'Good Old Days' we had celebratory dinners at the Launch Club at the end of June to congratulate our outgoing President, welcome Incoming President for the new Rotary year. Well, it's not the good old days, but let's celebrate in the new way - 
A Zoom meeting with all sitting at their computers, phone, on Wed. June 24 at 7 PM as we thank Dick Earne for TWO very good years at the helm of G I Rotary, and welcome Sherry Miller to lead a resurging Grand Island Rotary in 2020-21. 
We will also use this evening as a chance to hear about and congratulate our THREE High School Scholarship winners and also acknowledge those other High School seniors who have shown real effort to SERVE in their High School careers.
As usual you will get detail computer browser address to sign into this June 24 meeting, from Sherry as the date approaches. Sherry has also sent a note to all Members about possible use of a Rotary backdrop while you are on the video meetings to further remind ourselves of the overarching Rotary message of service.
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2019 - 20
President - Dick Earne
President Elect - Sherry Miller
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary, Bulletin Editor - Hank Kammerer
Director, Membership Chair - Mary Haggerty
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Scribe - Mike Billoni
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