Rotary Club
of Grand Island, NY

Volume 3 | Issue 1  (7/5/2020)

GI Rotary Bulletin  
Hope you are having a Safe and Happy
Fourth of July Weekend!
Stunning Success!
We Will Do It Again!
Tremendous Success - Best Money Maker Yet!
Thanks, Chris Learman for Organizing and Sponsoring
Also Thanks Rachel D'Agostino for major help.
OK, we were overwhelmed, so let's do it AGAIN - July 11
Same time and place, Fuccillo Automotive Group and Madison Carpet One
are Sponsors!
Members - Please plan on helping 10 - 12, Saturday, July 13

Another Great Zoom Morning Meeting Coming-

This Wed, July 8, 7:15 AM


As part of the Zoom morning meeting this Wed, July 8, Michelle Lockett (daughter-in-law of past Member Mike Lockett) & Pat Sullivan will address the club and friends regarding the Greenway Youth Stewardship Program. This program is functioning in partnership with the Niagara Wheatfield High School. A similar opportunity exist with the GI High School and the Scenic Woods trail which runs between Sturbridge Lane in the High School neighborhood to East River Rd. The Scenic Woods represents an ecology zone to support science programming in the schools among other possible locations. 

ATTENTION: Friends and Guests are welcome and need to RSVP to President Sherry at: to get the Zoom invitation.

Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians 
Summer And Covid-19 - What a Combo!
Junly Morning Meeting
Shred-It Again
Outdoors Picnic Meeting
Wed. July 8, 7:15 AM
Sat. July 11, 10 AM - 12
Wed. July 22, 6 PM
By Zoom,Sherry sends code
Key Bank Parking Lot
Launch Club Pavilion

Great Job on Beaver Pkwy Clean-Up

Excellent to have a good turnout of Rotarians, a spouse, a past Rotarian, and other helpers to do a good clean-up of the Parkway on June 13. Some may be turned off by picking up others trash, some may feel we pay enough taxes - the State should do it - whatever plus and minus to those comments, we have helped the community with this task for over 25 years. Grand Island Rotary can be proud of its effort and consistency. Be proud of Rotary!

Sign Up to Help with Meetings - Be on a POD!

We started, this year, having you join a POD so that you could help with simple (some not-so-simple) things in running a meeting: leading Pledge of Allegiance, introducing or thanking speaker, finding programs, etc. On May 30, Incoming Pres. Sherry Miller sent you an Email: Rotary POD Sign ups asking you to go on Sign Up Genius thru that Email and agree to be on one of the 3 Month POD groups. Please go, thru that Email to the Sign Up page and pick a 3 month period that works best for you.

Let's try a Safe Picnic Meeting!

July 22 at the Launch Club Pavilion

We will have a social evening at the outdoor Pavilion of the Launch Club             on Wed. July 22 at 6 PM to begin a bit of >SAFE< socializing. We are still working final details of menu and other arrangements, please alert your spouse, any special friends, be ready to rejoin the outside social world!

In August we will concentrate on Membership.  Start by talking to your fellow Members of Grand Island Rotary, remind yourselves of what you like about Rotary, what you pleasantly remember, of our activities; then take those thoughts around to your friends, neighbors, acquaintances; explain the good and great of Rotary services and experiences, offer them a chance to see, hear, more thru attending meetings and events.
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2019 - 20
President - Sherry Miller
Past President - Dick Earne
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary - Mike Billoni
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Director - Mike Mallaney
Bulletin Editor - Hank Kammerer
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