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Volume 2 | Issue 2  (1/18/2020)

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Meeting at the Launch Club, Wed, Jan 22!
Great Happenings @ G I  Middle School
Come hear from Principal John Fitzpatrick
Yes, POD leader, Brian Graham will bring us an important program showing developments at the Middle School, to combine with an excellent Launch Club dinner.  John Fitzpatrick, Middle School Principal, will describe "Where Everybody Belongs" a new initiative at the school.  Have you got family members or friends with G I Middle School youth?  Invite them to join you for this informative and timely program.  Brian Graham has already asked AGAIN that you respond to his Email RSVP message, do that right away. Please let us know you are bringing those very appropriate guests, by Emailing Dick Earne:  Remember we pay the dinner cost ($25) for prospective Members. Of course, regular guests are expected to pay!


Habitat for Humanity team effort - Saturday, Jan 25

A group of GI Rotarians will gather to help the rehab of a Buffalo area home, a project vital to improve the role of Buffalo as a city of interested, active homeowners.  Good luck in their work effort!  Those already registered will receive detail instructions.  We will let you know their experiences, hopefully more will help in the future.

Undie Sunday for Two Weeks in February

We will again have that vital Undie Sunday (for two weeks!) from February 10 - 24, in order to collect underwear, socks for homeless men and women, children.  See the note below, Sherry needs help preparing for this.

Board of Directors Meeting with District Governor, Bob Artis

A good session with the DG this past Wednesday showed him our progress, and challenges that remain, but ways to have G I Rotary really move forward.  Expect to see more of the results of this Board meeting and review in the future.

Meat Raffle, March 7, Line up Raffle Gifts!

Do you have the BIG MEAT RAFFLE, March 7, at K of C Hall, on your calendar? We hope so.  Please remember raffling other gifts, trips, event tickets, etc, really helps the $ profit of this event.  Approach friends, folks you do business (and yourself!) to find possible items for the raffle.  Then contact Brian with your finds!

Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians 
January - a New Calendar Year
Club Dinner Meeting
Habitat Humanity Service
Club Breakfast meeting
Undie Sunday Collections
January 22, 6:15 PM
January 25, 9:00 AM
February12, 7:15 AM
February 10 - 24
Buffalo Launch Club
You will be notified!
Eggsquisite Eats, G I Blvd
Churches, stores, etc
Solving our Leadership Needs -
Have you Responded to Nominations Survey?
We know several of you have responded to the Email asking for nominations / suggestions on Officers needed for this Club in 2020 / 21 (starting in July).  President-Elect Sherry Miller will be President in 2020/21, you knew that.  Please help her fill out a Leadership Team for that year (starting July 2020, AKA just 5 months away).  We especially hope you might consider being part of a two person Co-President Elect team for 2021 / 22.  We all recognize the President's role is important and covers many aspects.  There is help and training, particularly when two share the role, it will be very do-able.  There is also a Director (3 year term) position to fill.  Hank Kammerer has grudgingly offered to take the Secretary post another year, but there is a crying need for someone to either be understudy for year - or to become Secretary with Hank working alongside to ease the transition.  In addition, Director Mary Haggerty needs at least one Member to join her on the Scholarship selection committee.
President Elect Sherry is putting together a team to alert churches, businesses to our program of placing Hampers around and gathering underwear, socks for homeless men, women and children.  We hope you can help with both the organizing of this project, and distributing, collecting hampers.  The collection fills such an important need for those unfortunate, down-on-their-luck folks who really need our help.  Email Sherry to tell her you will help by clicking on the above button.
District Scholarship Applications for College Freshmen Still Open
If you know of a family who has a current College or Trade School student in their first year of higher education and they live anywhere in the District 7090 (WNY and Niagara Peninsula), urge them to get in contact with Mary Haggerty for the chance to apply for a $5000 scholarship.  The application deadline has been extended to Jan. 30, 2020.
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2019 - 20
President - Dick Earne
President Elect - Sherry Miller
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary, Bulletin Editor - Hank Kammerer
Director, Membership Chair - Mary Haggerty
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Scribe - Mike Billoni
POD Leader, Jan thru March - Brian Graham
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