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Volume 1 | Issue 20 (11/9/2019)

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District Governor, Bob Artis,
Encouraged us to see:
Rotary Connects The World!
Last Week's Meeting
District Governor, Bob Artis, brought a thoughtful message to us at this week's meeting.  That message was the Rotary Theme established by RI President Mark Maloney: ROTARY CONNECTS THE WORLD!  District Governor Bob Artis gave us several great examples of that theme and challenged President Dick, and really all of us, to live and follow thru on that theme.  Thank you Bob, for an excellent message.
Next Meeting - Dinner Nov. 20 - Honoring Veterans
Our Nov. 20 Dinner meeting at the Launch Club will feature veteran's service to Grand Island, the nation, plus the developing Veterans Memorial Baseline and G I Boulevard.  In addition to hearing of the Memorial from Dan Drexelius, a leader in that Veterans Memorial Project, we will honor all our veterans.  If you are a veteran, please Email Mike Billoni (or call 578-8948) and tell him of your service - and by the way, tell him you are coming!
Service in November - Bring some Food Staples
As you come to the Nov. 20 Dinner meeting, please bring a few cans, bottles or boxes of food staples - especially spaghetti, both sauce and pasta, peanut butter - those staples Neighbors Foundation eagerly uses to supply Grand Island folks in emergency need of food.  See an extra note about the Foundation below.
Dec. 4 Breakfast Meeting
Be prepared for an excellent Breakfast meeting on Dec. 4, hearing Faheen Mojawalla & son Yussuf, of 'The Spa of Shipping on G I' aka Island Ship Center. Remember we will be deep into Holiday Gift Season, which these days means receiving (maybe even returning) numerous shipments from Amazon and others.  Hear from Faheen, directly involved, about the modern phenomenon of Amazon and shipping in the modern purchasing world.
Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians 
Include in Your Plans!
District Grant Seminar
Club Dinner Meeting
Club Breakfast Meeting
District RLI Training
Club Board Mtg with DG
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Club Dinner Meeting & Party
November 16, 9:30 - 2 PM
November 20, 6:15 PM
December 4, 7:15 AM
December 7, 8:30 AM - 4 PM
December 11, 7:15 AM
December 11, 14, 15, 21, 22
December 18, 6:15 PM
Protocol Rest., Transit Rd
Buffalo Launch Club
Burger King, Round-about
Hilton Garden Inn,NOTL, On.
Burger King, Round-about
G I Tops Market
Buffalo Launch Club
Solving our Leadership Needs -
Rotary Leadership Institute
You know we need to identify a President-Elect to follow Sherry Miller, who will be Pres. in 2020/21.  Rotary Leadership Institute assists in educating members about Rotary and has eased trepidation some members may have about being a leader in Rotary.  So, if you aren't feeling prepared for leadership, here is an opportunity to explore what that means and talk to other clubs about the leadership in their clubs.  RLI consists of three Parts and each day participants take one Part, starting with Part 1 and moving up to Part 2 and 3 at future sessions. Our District has these 3 parts, Sat. Dec. 7 in Niagara on the Lake.  Please talk to President Dick Earne or Pres. Elect Sherry about the content and advantages of this excellent program.
Leadership Spots in 2020/21
President-Elect Sherry Miller will be President in 2020/21, you knew that.  Please help her fill out a Leadership Team for that year (starting July 2020, AKA just 8 months away).
Please consider taking the Pres. Elect post in 2020 /21, as a prelude for Presidency the next year.  Sound like TOO much of a challenge?  Perhaps as a team, Co-VP's then Co-President in 2021/21.  Sure, it's a challenge, but many have done it, rewards and satisfaction follow.  The leadership talks in RLI, that we mentioned above, will help show you the path to leadership both here in Rotary and in your larger life.   Talk to Sherry.
There are also a Director position (a 3 year slot) and Secretary position to fill.  In addition, Director Mary Haggerty needs at least one Member to join her on the Scholarship selection committee.  Those High School scholarships are a very important feature of our support to youth - join in the process of selecting outstanding service-oriented youth.
December is Coming
Look at Salvation Army Red Kettle Bell Ringing Dates!
I had a mistake last week! Look at above calendar you see that correct dates are:
Saturday & Sunday Dec. 14 & 15, plus 21 & 22, and a midweek day, Dec. 11, primarily for our Interact, EarlyAct partners.  Check your schedules and other commitments now, please free up time one -  better yet several - of those days, be prepared to sign up and help.
And the Holiday Season is also Coming -
Share Your Happiness with Neighbors Foundation
Above, we suggested donating a few cans, boxes for the temporarily distressed Islanders thru Neighbors Foundation.  What the Foundation really needs, are funds to fill out their Holiday Baskets for some of your G I Neighbors.  Their Share Your Happiness fund raising campaign will provide Tops food gift cards, Target gift cards for children involved, turkeys, hams, etc to fill Holiday Baskets for perhaps 50 families.  Checks can be sent to P.O. Box 155, Grand Island NY 14072.  Again remember that GI Rotary started the Foundation 45 years ago; it carries on a tradition of helping Island families with a quiet, all-volunteer staff.  Want more info on the Neighbors Foundation? See their web site: or Email Hank Kammerer, Past President of Foundation.
Our Youth Service Clubs are Active -
now it is Huth Rd. EarlyAct Students in Action
The EarlyAct Club at huth Rd Elementary School, making unique placemats for Children's Hospital - placemats with 'Smores' characters and artificial marshmallows, to give a bit of a smile to kids going thru disease or surgery.  Another excellent example of youth caring for others.  (Some places Hank spells words correctly, other places not so good!)
Here is another example of our youth, in this case the Middle School Interact, working in ways that match what your Rotary Club itself is doing. The MS Interact group is encouraging classes to collect Peanut Butter & Jelly for the Neighbors Foundation - and coming up with prizes to to reward the biggest collections.  See their video screen announcement below - these kids are active and they are smart!
Aged Bulletin Editor Acknowledged
Can it really be that he has been in G I Rotary for 50 years? DG Bob Artis said most of you weren't born 50 years ago when I joined!  Maybe it isn't even true - after all EarlyAct is much less than 50 years of existence - how could I have been a Member when still in kindergarten? ? OK, enough silliness, thanks for the recognition; please recognize I have enjoyed and felt honored as a Member of GI Rotary since November 1959.
District Grant Management Seminar
On Sat., Nov 16, the District holds a Grant Management Seminar, to review the steps for grant writing, submitting and possibly receiving, grants from the District fund.  District Matching grants provide an 'easy' way to increase our resources in a project such as aiding with a Well in The Congo.  We must have attendees, if we are to follow thru on plans such as Major Celestin's.  We will go to neighboring Clubs with the message for help, but we must show the District we are organized for the effort by attending this seminar.
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2019 - 20
President - Dick Earne
President Elect - Sherry Miller
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary, Bulletin Editor - Hank Kammerer
Director, Membership Chair - Mary Haggerty
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Scribe - Mike Billoni
POD Leader, Oct thru Dec. - Mike Billoni
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