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Volume 1 | Issue 7

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G I Rotary Bulletin  
Immediate Action Items!
Rotary Shirts are Here - A reminder that  President Dick Earne has the shirts that many ordered.  You can pick them up Breakfast meeting 8/14.  Bring a check for $33 (yes, he saved you $2!) made out to Grand Island Rotary.  Proudly wear the G I Rotary name while serving the community, and having fun.
Support to Miracle League - This Sunday Aug. 11, join Pres. Elect Sherry Miller at 2:30 as our check is presented to Miracle League for maintenance of their handicapped accessible ball field and playground.  Stay for a game to see the joy of wheelchair kids participating in 'Tee ball' games.  We are proud to have participated in building and further support of this unique facility.
Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians
Include in Your Plans!
Club Breakfast Meeting
Club Dinner Meeting
Club Breakfast Meeting
Club Assembly
Taste of GI Booth
District Youth Conference
District Conference at Sea!
August 14, 7:15 AM
August 28, 6:15 PM
September 11, 7:15 AM
September 25, 6:15 PM
September 28, 10AM-5PM
October 19
October 20 - 27
Burger King, G I Blvd
Buffalo Launch Club
Burger King, G I Blvd
GI School District Office
Town Commons Park
Virgil, Ontario
Fort Lauderdale +
What's Happening at Grand Island Rotary Club
  • Plans being made for Taste of Grand Island booth, Saturday, Sep. 28. How about joining the team - probably a huge Tree of NYS Lottery chances to sell raffle tix for, empenadas to make and sell.  Sign up at our Breakfast mtg on Aug. 14. 
  • And at that breakfast meeting this week, Wed, Aug 14, 7:15 AM in the Burger King Community Room you will hear a Classification Talk by New Member Brooks Rimes. It will be great to hear his story: his work and family life.
  • At the Dinner Meeting, Wed. August 28, we will hear from the Director of Technology in the G I School. A description of what our schools are doing with technology, both to improve the teaching methods and process, and to get students ready for the increased 'technology life' that will be part of their lives, and hopefully make them more successful.
Membership Moments
  • Please remember to bring copies of the Rotarian Magazine to Pres. Elect Sherry at the next meeting, for placement in waiting rooms around Grand Island.  Of course that is after you have read it!
  • Keep thinking Membership Prospects  Are the folks you meet every day at business, socializing, family, people interested in service opportunities?  Fill out that Membership Lead Card and turn it in.
  • To help make our Club one that folks want to join, help with the survey and Futuring process we are involved in.
Reflections on our 60 Years as a Rotary Club
This Week - Service and Encouragement to Youth!
For over 50 years, Club has been awarding scholarships to High School seniors – over $65,000 so far, see the photo of Chair Mary Haggerty with this year's winners, at right. Recognition of youth community service by highlighting Students of Month was expanded in 1990’s as two Interact Clubs, (HS then Middle School) helped students develop their own Rotary-like service culture.  Further extending youth service, Early Act (for elementary students) was developed;  Rotarian Mary Haggerty started Early Act clubs in both Huth & Kaegebein schools.  It is heartening to see youth groups combine to collect money with the Purple Pinkie project and support the eradication of Polio.  We see solid evidence these youth groups are creating a new generation of service-oriented youth – leading to a better world to come.  We hope these service-oriented youth, as they mature, will mean a bright future for Rotary Clubs and the Rotary concept of Service above Self.
Anybody Remember 50 Years Back? Woodstock!
Come on - think back 50 years, maybe you weren't a straight laced, up-tight, Rotarian then.  Yes, THANKFULLY some of you were serving in the military, Vietnam and elsewhere, protecting us, and we deeply appreciate that.  But maybe a few had other thoughts - Did the music of the age excite you?  Maybe too young, but did you think - how great to be a grown up and roll in the mud like they're doing?  Maybe you weren't even around yet, but have read of 'free-love' and muddy celebrations!  OK, now I admit to already being a straight laced Rotarian, family with 3 kids, of course we sneered at meetings about those dirty, out-of-control kids - but didn't we secretly envy ? ? ?
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2019 - 20
President - Dick Earne
President Elect - Sherry Miller
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary, Bulletin Editor - Hank Kammerer
Director, Membership Chair - Mary Haggerty
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Scribe - Mike Billoni
POD Leader, July thru Sept. - Christine Learman
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