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Volume 1 | Issue 23  (12/1/2019)

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Special Rotary Dinner & Club Assembly Meeting
Dec. 4, 6:15 PM, for Buffet plus Great Discussion
A Message from Pres. Elect Sherry -
On December 4th at 6:15 PM we gather at the Buffalo Launch Club to finalize the 2020 goals for our club.  A buffet meal is planned.  We shuffled dates in December in order to conclude our Strategic Planning before the end of the year.  
Exhaustive surveying of Club gave great insight and guidance to your Strategy Committee which has drawn up:
1) a proposed Vision statement, and 
2) Strategic Priorities 
You can review that Draft Strategy Plan at:
Wednesday evening we hope to validate, adopt a Vision Statement for the Club.  
Here is the draft, as shown in the first segment of Strategy Plan:
The vision of the Grand Island Rotary Club is to promote heartfelt service to the community of Grand Island and the rest of the World. 
Any comments now? Please Email Pres. Elect Sherry before meeting. Then, based on the Strategic Priorities - brainstorm goal ideas and prioritize them through dot voting.   
Please reference the Draft Strategy Plan.  We ask you to raise questions for clarification in advance by Emailing me so that what emerges represents the club.  Hopefully we are not far off the mark, but we want to validate that.  For example, in the vision statement the reference to "heartfelt" was intended to reference club members' motivation to do service as it comes from our hearts. 
As to preparing to discuss goals, consider what you think we need to continue to execute and get better; as well as, what is tired and needs to be replaced.  The Strategic Plan document contains all the survey results and a 'how do I want to spend my time' exercise in the appendix for reference. 
Thank you for your participation in getting ready for the new year. 
President Elect Sherry Miller 
Let's try the new Eatery for Breakfast Meetings!
Board Meeting, then Breakfast Meeting at Eggsquisite Eats, 
On Dec. 11 the Club Board will meet (at 7:05 AM) to review the Strategic Plan that you helped 'flesh out' the previous week, and to get ready for a meeting with District Guv Bob Artis in January.  On Dec. 18 (at 7:15 AM) we will have a regular breakfast meeting. Should be a great experience trying that unique new spot at 1752 G. I Blvd. 
Upcoming Events for Grand Island Rotarians 
Note Changes in December Meetings & Place!
Club Dinner Meeting
District RLI Training
Club Board Meeting
Salvation Army Bell Ringing
Club Breakfast Meeting
December 4, 6:15 PM
December 7, 8:30 AM - 4 PM
December 11, 7:05 AM
December 11, 14, 15, 21, 22
December 18, 7:15 AM
Buffalo Launch Club
Hilton Garden Inn,NOTL, On.
Eggsquisite Eats, G I Blvd
G I Tops Market
Eggsquisite Eats, G I Blvd
Solving our Leadership Needs -
Rotary Leadership Institute
You know we need to identify a President-Elect to follow Sherry Miller, who will be Pres. in 2020/21.  Rotary Leadership Institute assists in educating members about Rotary and has eased concerns many member have about being a leader in Rotary.  So, if you aren't feeling prepared for leadership, here is an opportunity to explore what that means and talk to other clubs about the leadership in their clubs.  RLI consists of three Parts. Our District has these 3 parts, Sat. Dec. 7 in Niagara on the Lake.  Please talk to President Dick Earne or Pres. Elect Sherry about the content and advantages of this excellent program.
Leadership Spots in 2020/21
President-Elect Sherry Miller will be President in 2020/21, you knew that.  Please help her fill out a Leadership Team for that year (starting July 2020, AKA just 8 months away).
Hear more about Club Officer progression and the need for 2020 / 21 Leaders at the Meetiong Wed. evening.  There are a Director (3 year term) and Secretary position to fill.  In addition, Director Mary Haggerty needs at least one Member to join her on the Scholarship selection committee.  Those High School scholarships are a very important feature of our support to youth - join in the process of selecting outstanding service-oriented youth.
District Scholarship Available for a College Student
A one year scholarship award is available for an area college student currently in First Year of Study.  Does a College Freshman you know need an extra $3000?  I'll let you answer.  Past years this was available only to students who had no Rotary connection - just the opposite now!  Application requires an essay about the Ideals of Rotary, plus a demonstration of "Service Above Self" and certainly some evidence of academic merit.  A great chance to have a college student you know get some advantage from Rotary - and learn about Rotary Ideals, while doing so!  Does this sound interesting, doable for someone you know - the deadline for application is December 31, have them go to: 
Wish Major Celestin Full Recovery, then-
Fill in Salvation Army Red Kettle Bell Ringing Dates!
Before encouraging you to fill those dates for Salvation Army Bell Ringing at Tops, we must tell you that our favorite Major contracted malaria in his recent trip to Congo, for his sister's funeral, and to do more checking on the possible Well Drilling project there.  We understand successful treatment at MF Suburban Hospital is almost complete, and wish him God-Speed to complete recovery. You are in our prayers, Major.
Now, back to the very necessary filling iof slots for bell ringing, Saturday & Sunday Dec. 14 & 15, plus 21 & 22, and a midweek day, Dec. 11, primarily for our Interact, EarlyAct partners.  Check your schedules and other commitments now,  free up time one -  better yet several - of those days, be prepared to sign up and help.
And the Holiday Season is also Coming -
Share Your Happiness with Neighbors Foundation
Please remember GI Rotary started the Neighbors Foundation 45 years ago; it carries on a tradition of helping Island families in temporary economic distress.  The Foundation needs funds to fill out their Holiday Baskets for some G I Neighbors.  Their Share Your Happiness fund raising campaign will provide Tops food gift cards, Target gift cards for children involved, turkeys, hams, etc to fill Holiday Baskets for over 50 families.  Checks can be sent to P.O. Box 155, Grand Island NY 14072.  Want more info on the Neighbors Foundation?  See their web site: or Email Hank Kammerer, Past President of Foundation.
Grand Island Rotary Club Officers and Directors for 2019 - 20
President - Dick Earne
President Elect - Sherry Miller
Treasurer - Dan Flaim
Secretary, Bulletin Editor - Hank Kammerer
Director, Membership Chair - Mary Haggerty
Director - Brian Graham
Director - Christine Learman
Director - Kyle Clayton
Scribe - Mike Billoni
POD Leader, Oct thru Dec. - Mike Billoni
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