Rotary Club of Grand Island, New York

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Welcome Members, especially New Members
Part of our challenge is to properly welcome and educate Members about Rotary, particularly Grand Island Rotary, then our 'District' (7090) which combines us with other Western NY and Niagara Peninsula, Canada, Rotary Clubs, before we move on and consider Rotary International as a whole with over One Million service minded men and women throughout the world.
Rotary is all about service - but not drudgery service, slogging thru an hour, a day of just saying: I am doing this as a service to mankind / I am doing this as a service to mankind!  It is joining with other like-minded, service-oriented souls and finding selected areas of service that truly interest you, areas where you can put your heart and soul in.  And then probably sit at a meal later (we alternate breakfast, dinner meeting/meals) and enlarging on the fellowship that you had developed while: sharing cooking of hotdogs for Taste of Grand Island; Bell Ringing at Holiday for Salvation Army; hustling raffle ticket sales at a Meat Raffle supporting the Growing Readers program of Grand Island Schools.  So service is about joint, communal service, yes it takes time but it creates fellowship and friendship.
Because you are reading this, you have already found our Grand Island web page.  From it you see many examples of our service projects and fun activities, plus some details of our Club operation. Click on to tabs that lead to our Facebook page and our District, then Rotary International web pages.