Posted by Henry G. Kammerer on Jun 24, 2017
Celebrating a New Member
During the President’s ‘Change-Over’ Dinner this week, GI Rotary welcomed as a New Member Major Celestin Nkounkou of the Tonawanda Salvation Army Corps. Major Celestin and his wife Stephanie (also a Salvation Army Major) were welcomed by Incoming President Mike Heigel and President-Elect Kerri Nowak. Majors Celestin and Stephanie’s leadership of Tonawanda Corps in their many services to all of God’s people in this area fits beautifully with Rotary’s motto of Service Above Self. Major Celestin has thanked us for our past service ringing the Bell at the Red Kettle Drive in the Holiday Season and challenged us to look deeper for more that we can do in our community. Now if only he could get the service of crows to lift him to GI Rotary meetings at the Radisson – less than a mile as the crow flies – over 9 miles by auto – are aerocars ever coming? ? ?