Yes, we had a good evening, almost 'together', but thanks to the layout of the Pavilion at the Launch Club, couples and family groups could be together, but everyone really was quite properly socially distanced. A reasonable chance to catch up on our good, and not-so-good activities of the past four months, with some good guitar music by Ricky Hoover swirling about us, with the river breezes. We really should watch our birthday list more carefully - we have missed some in the past months of Zoom meeting, and non-meeting, but at least we got a chance to properly note Mike Heigel's birthday. And that showed another real benefit of outdoors meetings - our attempt at 'real singing' luckily drifted away with the breezes coming in off the river! Hopefully we can have more outside meetings to try to get our singing 'together' before we would have to try it indoors. Stay tuned for what should be another outside meeting in August!