Student Entrepreneur Success!
An excellent meeting March 11 at Eggsquisite, as POD chair Brian Graham brought us the student entrepreneurs who created Casey’s Cabana out of an old 'clam shack' on Ferry Rd.  Gabby Bergstrom & Luke Hess took what they learned both in Business classes at G I High School and the unique extras from participation in DECA at the school, applied them in real life to Casey's Cabana. They and other similar students are a real tribute to the business teaching aspects of the High School program.  President Dick Earne presented them with our traditional Coffee Mugs with the Four Way Test (look it up!)  Their Cabana will re-open Memorial Day weekend, with 7 day a week service when school ends (if Covid-19 ever lets school re-start this Spring!).  More details at their Casey's Cabana web site: